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Four people in a circle holding boards in the shape of word balloons

Sprint 3.D: Bored no more: Engaging asynchronous discussion boards



Full course description

Transform the way you engage students in online discussions. Learn the importance of establishing communication expectations and fostering a learning community, while also exploring innovative strategies to invigorate your asynchronous discussion boards and turn them into vibrant spaces for student interaction.  You will leave this course with a relevant and creative discussion activity plan for use in your own online teaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key benefits and values of a successful discussion that you would like to capture in your online asynchronous discussion.
  • Identify alternative ways to structure your asynchronous discussion (beyond post once, reply twice).
  • Identify strategies and resources for responding to potential online discussion challenges.
  • Align asynchronous discussion structure with relevant student learning outcomes.
    Create an asynchronous discussion plan with clear evaluative criteria.

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