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Group designing a Word document Sprint 1.B: Designing Digitally Accessible Documents is a Course

Sprint 1.B: Designing Digitally Accessible Documents



Full course description

Ensuring that your online course materials are digitally accessible is, legally and ethically, the right thing to do. By being proactive about accessibility, rather than waiting for an accommodation request, you ensure that all students can participate in your class from the start.

As an instructor, the materials you are most likely to share with your students include Word files and PowerPoint slide decks. This sprint will guide you through the core skills of digital accessibility and how to apply those skills in these documents. After you have finished, you will have at least four documents you have remediated for digital accessibility.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the activities in this sprint, you should be able to:

  • Explain why digital accessibility matters.
  • List the core skills of digital accessibility.
  • Apply those core skills when creating or editing Word documents and PowerPoint slide decks.
  • Use available accessibility checkers to find and correct accessibility barriers in Word and PowerPoint.

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