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Keyboard key with accessibility icons (wheelchair, hearing aid, walking cane)

Sprint 1.B: Designing digitally accessible documents



Full course description

Join the pivotal movement towards inclusive education and embark on a journey to ensure that all students have equal access to your course materials from day one. You'll explore the essential principles of digital accessibility, discovering why it's not just a legal obligation but also an ethical imperative. This sprint equips you with the practical know-how to create and modify Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in order to meet accessibility standards. By the end, you will have not only enhanced your digital content but also embraced a philosophy that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the online learning environment. You will conclude this sprint by using the accessible principles and tools learned to review and update at least four of your own resources and then reflect on your experiences striving for a barrier-free learning experience for every student.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain why digital accessibility matters.
  • List the core skills of digital accessibility.
  • Apply those core skills when creating or editing Word documents and PowerPoint slide decks.
  • Use available accessibility checkers to find and correct accessibility barriers in Word and PowerPoint.

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