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Sprint 3.B: Less Zoom doom, more engagement



Full course description

Transform your online synchronous sessions into hubs of vibrant interaction by overcoming the challenge of "Zoom fatigue" and creating lively, engaging online discussions. You will learn to identify and implement active learning strategies and discussion techniques that foster a participatory atmosphere, ensuring your Zoom sessions are as dynamic and effective as face-to-face classes. By the end of this sprint, you will have a toolkit of best practices and a tailored discussion plan to bring energy and engagement to your synchronous Zoom meetings, promoting an invigorating learning environment that captivates and educates.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify general best practices for engaging, synchronous online discussions and connect them to learning goals for your own teaching.
  • Identify and evaluate specific active discussion strategies for your synchronous Zoom meetings.
  • Create an active discussion plan for your synchronous Zoom meetings.

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