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Group working together on a laptop

Sprint 3.C: Effective online group work



Full course description

Explore and enhance collaborative learning experiences in your digital classroom. This sprint is tailored to equip educators with the tools and strategies necessary to create and manage successful online group projects. You will learn to identify and implement practical methods that foster meaningful interaction, ensuring quality group work and equitable assessment. You will also explore online group work examples that adapt group plans to suit various teaching contexts and employ peer assessment techniques that reflect the contributions of individual members. By the end of this sprint, you will apply strategies and tools to create a plan addressing group work challenges in your own online teaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify strategies for designing a successful group project that improves the quality of the group experience.
  • Adapt a given group collaboration plan based on your teaching context to help learners initiate group conversations and develop group cohesion.
  • Implement a peer assessment and grading strategy to evaluate the group effort from both individual and group contributions for a fair group work assessment.

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