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Students in a classroom gathered around a monitor displaying a video call

SPRINT 1.H: Designing HyFlex multimodal learning environments



Full course description

Step into the world of flexible learning design with HyFlex, a course design model that merges in-person and online learning seamlessly. You'll engage with the sprint's complimentary resources to understand the HyFlex approach's core principles, discern its benefits, and navigate its challenges. From the initial planning to implementation and advanced interaction strategies, you'll explore techniques that cater to diverse learning preferences. By the end of this sprint, you'll know how to design a course that supports all learning modes, ensuring every student has access to a rich, adaptable educational experience. You'll conclude with a capstone project that demonstrates your ability to create a HyFlex learning environment tailored to your course objectives, ready to make education accessible and engaging for every student, no matter where they are.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the purpose of using HyFlex.
  • Describe the benefits and challenges of implementing HyFlex.
  • Create a plan, student orientation, or course activity for your HyFlex course.

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