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Sprint 4.B: Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Pedagogy is a Course

Sprint 4.B: Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Pedagogy



Full course description

Learning Outcomes

To complete this sprint, you will complete the first two learning outcomes and select a third of your choice for the final assignment.

Core Outcomes (required)

  • Describe the purpose of using Open Educational Resources (OER) or Open Pedagogy 
  • Describe the benefits and challenges of implementing OER or Open Pedagogy

Final Assignment Outcomes (select one)

  • Option 1 - Preliminary OER Search: Conduct a preliminary search for an OER. 
  • Option 2 - Preliminary OER Evaluation: Conduct a preliminary evaluation of an existing OER.
  • Option 3 - Technologically advanced option: Create or clone a Pressbooks ebook with an open license and add an accessible H5P activity that aligns with the book’s content.
  • Option 4 - Pedagogically advanced option: Outline a plan for a renewable assignment inspired by open pedagogy and aligned with course learning outcomes.


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