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Over-the-shoulder snapshot of a synchronous class

Sprint 1.E: Sensational synchronous sessions



Full course description

Elevate your virtual classroom by creating vibrant, interactive online classes that captivate and engage. As a participant, you're set to explore a suite of strategies that foster active participation and maintain high energy in an online setting. You'll learn to leverage tools that bring your synchronous sessions to life, ensuring each class meets your educational goals with flying colors. By the sprint's end, you'll have crafted a detailed plan for a dynamic online session, ready to deliver a seamless, enriched learning experience that mirrors the interactivity of a traditional classroom. Transform your online teaching into an art form where every session promises to be an adventure in learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify strategies to promote and measure student participation and engagement.
  • Identify strategies and tools to facilitate your synchronous online class to meet your learning outcomes.
  • Create a plan to facilitate one synchronous online session and communicate expectations.

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