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Hand writing on a notebook next to a laptop Sprint 1.D: Plain language writing is a Course

Sprint 1.D: Plain language writing



Full course description

Unleash the power of clarity in communication by mastering the art of straightforward expression, ensuring that your teaching philosophy and course directions resonate with a wide audience. Through engaging activities, you'll learn how to distill complex ideas into clear, concise language and determine the right balance of technical terminology for your subject area. The sprint's focus on the quick drafting method will not only speed up your writing process but also refine your ability to produce crystal-clear, impactful content. Perfect for educators looking to enhance their communication skills, this sprint will leave you with a newfound confidence in your written word, ready to engage and inspire your students with ease.

Learning Outcomes

  • Capture ideas quickly in plain language.
  • Decide how much technical language is appropriate for your subject and audience.
  • Revise writing after careful review, producing refined drafts and enhancing compositional skills in the process.

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